Each quilt is individually made and one of a kind. Please for an informal photo of each of the completed quilts currently available. She will also include a description of the quilt, fabrics, dimensions, cleaning method and price. One may request additional photos and actual fabric samples for each quilt.

Special Orders

Information regarding special orders and commissions is available by contacting Pamela directly . Please advise which design (designs) especially appeals to you. Eventually Pamela will need a thorough description of the room in which the quilt is intended to be used as well as the size and style of the bed and samples of any wallpaper, paint or fabrics in the room.

If the quilt is intended as an art piece for the wall a description of the interior with all pertinent measurements will be necessary.

The quilts are priced at a base fee of $750.00 plus $54.00 per square foot. 
A deposit of 50% is due at the time of placing the order. The final invoice will include any applicable taxes and shipping costs. The balance is due upon delivery. Deposits are non-refundable  after receipt of order confirmation.


All of the quilts are made to be used as bedcovers. Though they are frequently hung as art pieces they do have extensive internal and external construction to render them as durable, everyday, functional pieces. Most, depending on the external fabrics, are machine washable in a front loading washer on gentle cycle with cold water and a mild soap.

Most often the quilts are constructed of silk or cotton fabrics. Other fabrics are also used and all are specified for each quilt.

Three types of batting are generally used in the pieces; PolarGuard 3D , pure wool and pure cotton. Polarguard 3D has the same insular value as down (i.e., warm in the winter, cool in the summer) but has the added advantage of being able to withstand repeated washing without diminishing either the R factor or the loft. Polarguard 3D is hypoallergenic which is increasingly a consideration in bedding. Pure wool is Pamela’s favorite batting and is especially appropriate with the silk quilts. All battings are washable.


The quilts tend to be generous in size compared to those commercially available. Everyone, of course, has a different way of dressing a bed. There are standard mattress sizes, but heights of beds vary greatly. These quilts are capable of fitting different size beds in different ways.


  • Twin - 39" x 75"
  • Full - 54" x 75"
  • Queen - 60" x 80"
  • King - 78" x 80"
  • California King - 72" x 84"

Examples: If one has a queen size bed (60"x80") then the standard Praiser(104"x 122") will have 22" of overhang on the side and foot and 20" extra at the head for tucking under pillows. Here is an example formula for figuring how a quilt will fit any given mattress:

Size of quilt
104"x 122"
Subtract size of mattress
- 60" x 80"
44" x 42"

Divide excess width by 2 (44" divided by 2 = 22") for the overhang on sides and foot. Subtract that figure from excess length (42" -22" = 20") to obtain amount available for pillows.

If one has a California King and is considering a quilt which is 106" wide x 106" long use the following equation:

Size of quilt
106"x 106"
Subtract size of mattress
- 72" x 84"
34" x 22"

The overhang at the side and foot will be 17" and the extra for pillows will be 5". A long overhang is not always desirable and someone with a King Size platform or waterbed may find a smaller quilt preferable. If a quilt is not listed at the appropriate size it can be special ordered in the size required.

Pillow Shams and Bed Skirts

All are individually designed and constructed as ordered to coordinate with each quilt. The following are base prices only. There will be an additional cost for the individual fabrics for each quilt.

Standard Pillow (20" x 26") $255.00
Queen Pillow (20" x 30") $255.00
King Pillow (20" x 36") $280.00
Continental Pillow (26" or 27" inch square) $280.00
Individual Throw (20" x 20") $255.00
Boudoir Pillow (12" x 16") $200.00


All quilts are signed and dated. Unique Pillow sizes can be ordered as well as the sizes listed above as all pillows are designed and constructed only after the original quilt is sold and the client determines which type of pillows preferred for their individual interior.

Most of the quilts do not actually require pillow shams as the quilt itself is large enough to cover the sleeping pillows. Further, many of the quilts are definitely stand alone pieces which would not be enhanced by pillow shams.

Twin and Full Dust Skirt $325.00
Queen Dust Skirt $350.00
King and CA King Dust Skirt $375.00


Bedskirts are always tailored with inverted pleats at corners.

All quilts are signed and dated.